ENFP Compatibility Chart | ENFPs as Parents, Friends, Partners

As extroverted feelers, ENFPs place a lot of importance on their relationships. Thus, the best matches for ENFPs are INFJs and INFPs. Thanks to their open-minded and fun-loving nature, ENFPs are able to easily build long-lasting connections with most personality types, especially with introverts.

Still, some relationships require more effort than others, and that’s where ENFP compatibility with other personality types comes into play.

This in-depth guide thoroughly covers ENFP compatibility and relationships with all 16 personality types. Read along to find out:

  • 5 Best Matches for ENFPs
  • 3 Worst Matches for ENFPs
  • Are Two ENFPs Compatible?
  • What ENFPs are Like as Friends, Parents, and Romantic Partners
  • ENFP Strengths and Weaknesses in Relationships

And more!

ENFP Compatibility Chart

ENFP personality type is usually characterized by easy-going nature, which helps them build solid relationships with pretty much anyone. Still, they often find themselves gravitating toward other intuitive personality types, and we can’t blame them—they’re naturally compatible with them!

That said, ENFPs might find it harder to communicate and find common interests with completely opposite personality types, such as SJs.

To make things easier to understand, here’s an ENFP compatibility chart that shows which personality types are the most and least compatible with Champions:

Very Compatible


Somewhat Compatible


















5 Best Matches for ENFPs

INFJ and ENFP Compatibility

Generally, INFJs, INFPs, INTJs, ENTPs, and ENTJs are considered the best matches for ENFPs. Let’s find out why!

INFJ and ENFP Compatibility

The best match for ENFP would be the INFJ personality type. INFJ and ENFP personalities are both intuitive feelers, which makes them idealistic and value-driven. They both long for an authentic connection packed with deep conversations, and this is exactly what happens when INFJs and ENFPs come together.

However, what makes the connection between these two truly special is the potential for personal growth. Because ENFP and INFJ cognitive functions are the exact opposite, these personality types can expect to do a lot of shadow work in such a connection.

While this may sound daunting, it actually means that INFJ-ENFP relationships are incredibly healing. INFJ strengths, such as empathy, can help shed light on and overcome ENFP-T weaknesses, especially, and vice versa.

Since both of these personality types are compassionate and supportive, they can help each other grow and accept themselves. Needless to say, this makes for an intimate and meaningful bond unlike any other!

INFP and ENFP Compatibility

ENFPs are known as the most introverted extroverts, which explains their fondness for introverted personality types. And, since they also share many similarities with INFPs, it shouldn’t be surprising that ENFP compatibility with their introverted counterparts is very high.

These personality types share the same cognitive functions, except their order isn’t the same. As a result, they instinctively understand and feel comfortable around each other. They both enjoy abstract discussions much more than talking about day-to-day matters, which keeps INFP-ENFP friendships and relationships interesting and exciting.

That said, it’s important that ENFPs and INFPs respect each other's differences. INFPs shouldn’t take it personally when ENFPs want to go out and meet new people, whereas ENFPs should learn to give INFPs some space when they need it.

ENTJ and ENFP Compatibility

If you know anything about the ENFP personality type, you must’ve heard that they love their freedom. As such, you may be surprised to find out that ENTJ and ENFP compatibility is very high, as ENTJs can be somewhat controlling at times. Nonetheless, these two personality types share a healthy number of similarities and differences that allow them to balance each other.

ENFPs are fun-loving, relaxed individuals, which is something that mature ENTJs greatly admire. ENFP-A, especially, would appreciate how grounded and organized ENTJs are. Because they both enjoy brainstorming new ideas, ENFP and ENTJ people make good partners, both in business and in personal life.

ENFPs can spend hours discussing ideas for the future but often lack the initiative and determination to make them come to life. Unlike most personality types, ENTJs have what it takes to bring their plans into action and enjoy helping ENFPs turn their wildest dreams into reality. For this reason, ENFP-ENFJ connections are typically very rewarding.

INTJ and ENFP Compatibility

ENFPs are fascinated with INTJs—so much so that the internet is full of memes about it! And, even if they don’t want to admit it, INTJs also find ENFPs rather charming.

Because they’re quite different, INTJs and ENFPs complement each other. ENFPs tend to feel more grounded around INTJs, as they help them organize their internal chaos and set their priorities straight. Meanwhile, INTJs enjoy the excitable and even child-like nature of ENFPs, as it helps them become less uptight.

It goes without saying that INTJ-ENFP friendships and relationships are, for the most part, a case of “opposites attract.”

However, both personality types are often considered sapiosexuals—they need a strong mental bond based on intellectual understanding to feel drawn to someone. And, since both INTJs and ENFPs thrive on intellectual conversations, they can effortlessly build long-lasting bonds.

ENTP and ENFP Compatibility

ENFPs are highly compatible with their thinking counterparts, ENTPs, and it isn’t hard to understand why.

Both of these personality types are Ne-dominant. Extraverted intuition (Ne) makes both of them open to hearing different opinions. This allows them to have thought-provoking conversations even when their points of view don’t match.

What’s more, ENTPs and ENFPs are creative thinkers, but their ways of thinking are rather different. ENTPs make decisions and process information based on logical reasoning, while ENFPs filter everything through their feelings and values. As such, when these two personality types work together, they can come up with innovative and efficient solutions to problems.

3 Worst Matches for ENFPs

Personality types

There are some personality types that even ENFPs find difficult to communicate with. So, let’s see what makes ESTJs, ISTPs, and ISTJs the worst matches for ENFPs.

ESTJ and ENFP Compatibility

Whether they’re colleagues, friends, or romantic partners, ESTJ and ENFP personalities rarely get along—they’re simply too different.

ESTJs are practical and orderly, and this is the main reason why they often find ENFPs annoying. ENFPs can be quite chaotic, and while many personality types see this trait as quirky and charming, ESTJs regard it as inefficient. Needless to say, ESTJs will want to change ENFPs and make them more organized.

Moreover, ESTJs can be quite controlling and critical in their attempts to make things better. Despite their good intentions, ENFPs simply won’t accept such behavior. Unless they’re unhealthy, they’ll never sacrifice their freedom to please other people.

ISTP and ENFP Compatibility

While it’s possible to make any relationship work, it would take a ton of effort to build a long-lasting connection between ISTPs and ENFPs.

The main reason why ISTP-ENFP compatibility is so low lies in the fact that they have completely different communication styles. ENFPs are expressive and emotional people who easily voice their opinions and talk about their feelings. On the other hand, ISTPs may feel uncomfortable with their emotional expression, as they tend to be quite reserved.

Not to mention, ENFPs are active and dynamic people, whereas ISTPs lack this sort of energy. More often than not, ISTPs become exhausted in the company of ENFPs, whereas ENFPs find ISTPs too bland for their liking.

ISTJ and ENFP Compatibility

As you may expect, the ISTJ personality type is the polar opposite of the ENFP personality. ENFPs are spontaneous and experimental, whereas ISTJs like to do things by the book. ENFPs love to try out new things, while ISTJs are cautious about anything unfamiliar to them. The list of differences goes on and on!

Naturally, it can take lots of time and effort to build a long-lasting ISTJ-ENFP bond. Most of the time, these two personality types find each other frustrating.

Nonetheless, it’s important to mention that ISTJs have the same cognitive functions as ENFPs. As such, it is indeed possible for ISTJs and ENFPs to find common ground. However, both people need to be very mature for such a connection to work, which doesn’t happen often.

Are Two ENFPs Compatible?

ENFP-ENFP connections

If you’re an ENFP, you might be surprised that we didn’t mention ENFPs among the best matches for your personality type. Well, let us explain!

ENFPs are generally compatible with other people who share the same personality type. These individuals naturally feel drawn to one another and have similar needs and wishes. Not to mention, two ENFPs can have endless conversations until 5 AM and hardly ever get bored of each other!

However, although this type of connection can be fun, it has one major drawback. When two ENFPs come together, their weaknesses are amplified, as they are unable to balance each other. This can lead to problems such as:

  • Eagerness to dominate the conversation
  • Emotional volatility
  • Inability to put plans into action

That said, if both ENFPs address their weaknesses and commit to self-development, ENFP-ENFP connections can be highly gratifying. After all, no other personality type can match the curiosity, zest for life, and spontaneity of ENFPs!

What are ENFPs Like as Parents?

Thanks to the ENFPs’ open-mindedness and support, having a parent with this personality type might sound like a dream for many children, at least in theory.

More than anything, ENFP parents want to see their children explore the world and all of its possibilities. They aren’t controlling or strict by any means. So, rather than telling their children how and what to do, ENFPs let them make decisions on their own. Better yet, they’ll always be there to catch them when they fall instead of saying “I told you so!”

What’s more, ENFPs value and respect their children’s independence. Thanks to their auxiliary introverted feeling (Fi), they don’t impose their views on their little ones, no matter their age. Even if they don’t agree with something, they’ll let them know but still allow their children to do as they please, as long as it doesn’t put them in danger.

Because they’re so free and easy, ENFP parents might lack discipline. Typically, this happens because their parents were very strict. As a result, ENFPs often decide to be friends with their kids and give them all the freedom they possibly can.

Nonetheless, growing up in a disorganized environment can be quite stressful for some children. As such, ENFP parents should always strive for a middle ground between structure and freedom.

What are ENFPs Like in Friendships?

Deeply intimate conversations

ENFP personality type is known for being gregarious and outgoing. They have many friends and acquaintances, but don’t let this trick you. Unlike most extroverts, they prefer to spend time with their closest circle of friends.

As friends, ENFPs are very loyal and supportive. They don’t like superficial friendships and enjoy getting to know their friends on an emotional level. They aren’t afraid of personal or deeply intimate conversations and won’t make things awkward if you need a shoulder to cry on.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about ENFP friends is their ability to understand your point of view without any judgment. So, if you’re looking for someone with whom you can share your unpopular opinions, get yourself an ENFP friend!

More importantly, ENFPs cherish people’s uniqueness and try their best to accommodate it. Thanks to their Ne, they’ll be happy to help you find solutions to any problem, and you can rest assured that they won’t offer you some generic advice. Instead, they’ll suggest something that will perfectly match your unique personality.

What’s more, ENFPs offer their friends the right balance between:

  • Going out and staying in
  • Diving into new experiences and reminiscing about the fun you’ve had in the past
  • Silly jokes and deep philosophical conversations
  • Honest opinions and emotional support

With all that in mind, we don’t need to further convince you that a friendship with an ENFP is a life-changing experience!

ENFPs at the Workplace

As a general rule, ENFPs tend to have a hard time settling down to a single career path until they become more mature. They’re curious and easily excited, which can lead them to jump from one job to another, as they want to try them all!

ENFPs place equal emphasis on the job specifics and the company culture. They’re creative and full of ideas, but if their enthusiasm isn’t appreciated, it’s unlikely they’ll stick around. Regardless of their position, ENFPs remain down-to-earth and supportive colleagues. For this reason, they shy away from companies with a precisely defined workplace hierarchy.

Since they’re social butterflies, ENFPs make friends with their coworkers as soon as they join a company. Working with them is anything but boring. Their creative minds never rest, and if they don’t have anything better to do, they’ll likely start thinking of ways to prank their colleagues.

Ultimately, ENFPs are rather adaptable when it comes to their jobs. While they may not find the idea of working 9 to 5 appealing, they won’t mind it as long as they have creative freedom and a fun work atmosphere. Still, most ENFPs will feel uncomfortable in overly structured and corporate environments, which is why many of them prefer to work in startups.

ENFPs in Romantic Relationships

ENFP Compatibility

ENFP love is surrounded by myths and stereotypes. You might’ve heard that they’re fickle, afraid of commitment, and always looking for better options. So, let’s find out how much of this is true!

Here’s the deal: like in careers, most ENFPs struggle to settle down when it comes to matters of love. They aren’t hooked on the idea of marriage and tend to have a “grass is greener” mindset. What you may not know is that they don’t want to settle for anyone until they find the one. Yep, ENFPs are hopeless romantics at heart!

Moreover, while they do fear commitment, it isn’t just because they’re afraid of feeling trapped. In reality, they see commitment as a huge responsibility. They aren’t interested in shallow relationships or being with someone out of fear of being alone. ENFPs are incredibly loyal, so they’re very cautious about whom they devote their love to.

However, once they see long-term potential in you, ENFPs will give you all their love, attention, and affection. They make very supportive and thoughtful partners and don’t give up on their relationships until they’ve tried everything to make them work.

ENFP Strengths and Weaknesses in Relationships

Like all personality types, ENFPs have specific strengths and weaknesses that they bring to their relationships. So, let’s see what they are!

In relationships, ENFPs possess the following strengths:

  • Open-mindedness. ENFPs are open to hearing all sorts of opinions and will easily see your point of view instead of fighting about what’s right and wrong. Moreover, you can trust them with your darkest secrets, as they’ll be the last people to judge you!
  • Devotion. Once they are committed to you, ENFPs are extremely loyal and devoted. They do their best to meet other people’s needs and are willing to fix relationships.
  • Enthusiasm. ENFPs are driven by novel ideas, new experiences, and having fun, and their lust for life is contagious.
  • Emotional depth. People with this personality type are empathic and in tune with their emotions. They make an effort to help others feel comfortable around them, and their need for an emotional connection makes relationships with them deep and intimate.
  • Support. ENFPs want what’s best for you. This also makes them rather selfless, as they’ll put all their efforts into helping you achieve your goals.

Still, ENFPs have some weaknesses that can make their relationships more challenging. These include:

  • Absent-mindedness. ENFPs aren’t very attentive to their surroundings, which can be frustrating for more organized personality types, such as SJs. They might forget to pay their utility bills, hang out the laundry, and so on.
  • Idealism. ENFPs are dreamers and tend to have an idealistic view of their relationships. They also strongly believe there’s always a way to make things work. Unfortunately, this can lead them to stay in unhealthy relationships.
  • Sensitivity to criticism. Like most NF types, ENFPs don’t handle criticism well. They might perceive constructive criticism as a personal attack, which can make them defensive.

How Do ENFPs Handle Breakups?

ENFP romantic relationships

As mentioned above, ENFPs take romantic relationships seriously. They won’t commit to you unless they believe your relationship will last for years to come. But what happens when their relationships turn sour and a breakup becomes inevitable?

Usually, before deciding to break up, they’ll try all possible options to make the relationship work. More likely than not, ENFPs won’t be the ones to initiate the breakup, even if nothing they’ve tried works. That’s because they build strong, intimate bonds with their partners, and breaking up means losing not only their partner but also their best friend.

As such, ENFPs find it difficult to get over a breakup. It takes a toll on their self-esteem, and it’s not uncommon for them to lose hope in love. After a breakup, you can expect an ENFP to become a shell of themselves before they heal their broken hearts. They often lose their positivity and enthusiasm and withdraw into themselves.

That said, ENFPs typically have a strong support system. They can count on their friends and family to help them recover after heartbreak. Breakups also give ENFPs the opportunity to invest more time into realizing their dreams, which eventually helps them rediscover themselves.

Moreover, while INFJs are known for permanently slamming the door on their partners, ENFPs won’t think twice about giving their ex-partners a second chance. They believe that as long as both partners have the will and determination to make things work, it’s worth giving it another try.

Just to put it out there, we have a guide on ENFP anime characters if you love watching anime, and also ENFP fictional characters, if you love watching movies and TV shows, so feel free to check those out as well!

Key Takeaways

There you go—now you know all about ENFP compatibility and relationships!

Before you go, let’s have a quick recap of the key points we’ve covered in this article:

  • ENFP is the most compatible with other intuitive personality types, including INTJ, INFJ, INFP, ENTP, and ENTJ. The best match for ENFP would be INFJ.
  • ENFPs are the least compatible with structure-oriented personality types, including ESTJs and ISTJs.
  • While two ENFPs are compatible, this sort of connection can bring out their weaknesses to the foreground.
  • ENFPs make supportive and fun parents, coworkers, friends, and partners.
  • People with an ENFP personality take relationships seriously, which makes it difficult to recover after a breakup.

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