30 Highly Relatable ENFP Memes You Will Love

by Lisa Sparrow

If there’s one personality type that can spend hours looking at memes, it’s definitely ENFP.

ENFPs are always up for a laugh, and some of them love memes so much that sharing them can be easily called their love language!

But how is this personality type portrayed in memes?

Let’s find out by taking a look at 30 hand-picked ENFP memes that will easily crack you up!

30 ENFP Memes That Will Warm Your Heart Up

Ready for a laugh? Great! Let’s take a look at the memes that encapsulate the ENFP personality type.

ENFPs Are Fun and Positive

If there was a recipe for creating ENFPs, it would definitely require optimism, and lots of it!

ENFPs are one of the most optimistic, if not the most optimistic, personality types. They don’t get easily stressed out and tend to look on the bright side of life. Not to mention, their smiles and laughter are simply contagious!

Let’s be realistic—ENFPs are no strangers to gamophobia, or the fear of commitment. Nonetheless, once they decide to be with you, all of their fears disappear, making them faithful partners.

As a matter of fact, if your ENFP partner is spending more time than usual on their phone, chances are it isn’t a gorgeous man or lady that they can’t take their eyes off of. More likely than not, it’s ENFP memes!

This joyful personality type simply can’t pass up an opportunity to have a good laugh. And sometimes, they just don’t notice how much time has passed—after all, time flies quickly when you’re having fun!

Because of their open and happy demeanor, some people might assume that ENFPs are rather fragile. Newsflash—not at all!

While they are sensitive, ENFPs make it a point to preserve their happiness. Thanks to the auxiliary ENFP cognitive function, introverted feeling (Fi), they strive to live in harmony with their values. And since happiness and positivity are common values among most ENFPs, you can rest assured they won’t let anyone rain on their parade!

ENFPs Are Chatterboxes

Many ENFPs regard INFPs as their cousins, and not without good reason—both personality types share the same cognitive functions, except in a different order.

Still, there’s one striking difference between INFPs and ENFPs. Although they’re full of ideas, INFPs tend to keep them to themselves. ENFPs, meanwhile, can’t help but share their thoughts with anyone they meet!

One of the greatest ENFP strengths is their generosity. They genuinely love giving their friends and loved ones thoughtful gifts and planning (yes, planning!) surprise parties.

That said, if there’s one thing that can make an ENFP suffer, it’s trying to contain the excitement and not blurt out any details about their surprise!

Talking to ENFPs is like diving into a rabbit hole—you don’t know where you’ll end up, but it’s undoubtedly interesting.

Unsurprisingly, many ENFPs spend more time chatting with their co-workers than being productive at work. If, however, you’re looking to advance your career, you might want to take some notes from this ENFP meme!

ENFPs love talking. Whether it’s meaningless chit-chat or a deep philosophical conversation, they enjoy exchanging ideas and getting to know people.

Still, it doesn’t mean that ENFPs talk non-stop. Sometimes they become quiet and secretive without any explanation whatsoever! While this can seem alarming, there’s no need to worry—unpredictability is part of their extraordinary nature.

Although they’re carefree, being an ENFP isn’t easy. Since childhood, they’re used to being scolded by their parents and teachers for talking too much. As a result, many ENFPs become insecure and retreat into their shells.

For this reason, ENFPs should aim to surround themselves with compatible friends and partners who will allow them to openly express themselves and help them thrive.

ENFPs Think Outside of the Box

This ENFP meme is a perfect representation of how this personality type perceives and navigates the world. When they’re faced with two options that don’t resonate with them, ENFPs will use their creativity to find a solution that makes sense to them!

ENFPs are dreamers, creators, and explorers by nature. They see the world as a playground bursting with possibilities and believe that life is what you make of it.

While most personality types just let life happen, ENFPs take control over their lives by making changes and decisions that allow them to shape their reality into what they want it to be!

Many sensors, including ESTPs and ISFJs, find it very easy to settle down and meet someone they click with.

However, finding a soulmate isn’t so easy for ENFPs. They just aren’t cut out for that cookie-cutter life that most people aspire to lead. It’s for this reason that many ENFPs don’t settle down until their 30s, 40s, or even later.

While most people choose a style and stick to it, ENFPs don’t like limiting (or labeling) themselves. They simply don’t want to conform, and their clothes are an expression of that—you won’t see an ENFP dressed according to the latest trends or society’s expectations.

No matter their age, most ENFPs remain children at heart. They find the concept of adulting lacklustre and just plain boring.

Keeping in mind that extraverted sensing (Se) is their least developed function, you shouldn’t be surprised that ENFPs can forget to pay their bills or do their laundry. And even when they do the “adult thing,” they often feel like impostors!

If you’re curious why ENFPs have such unconventional personalities, this ENFP meme explains it all!

ENFPs have very busy minds—and yes, a big part of their brains stores memes! However, their unique way of seeing the world can be credited to their primary cognitive function, extraverted intuition (Ne), which stuffs their heads with dozens of ideas every minute.

ENFPs Love Staying Up Late

Most ENFPs are night owls. They simply love going to sleep late, as their minds are most active at night. Unless they don’t have any other option, they simply refuse to go to sleep at a reasonable time!

This ENFP meme captures the reality of most people with this personality type. They especially love talking to their friends late at night and will patiently wait until someone replies to them. So, if you have an ENFP friend, don’t be surprised if you get a text notification at 3 AM!

When they can’t find anyone to talk or chat with, ENFPs will turn to their own resource library to keep them entertained throughout the night. This includes scrolling social media, watching Netflix, and, of course, overthinking!

When it comes to sleepless nights and meaningful conversations, INFJs are hands down ENFPs’ best partners in crime. These two intuitive personality types don’t mind sacrificing their sleep if it means they get to fantasize about the future, create fake scenarios, and discuss philosophical topics!

ENFPs Are Obsessed with INTJs

You might find this surprising, but many ENFPs are fascinated by the INTJ personality. While it may seem like ENFPs and INTJs have nothing in common, this isn’t the case.

In reality, INTJs share two primary cognitive functions with ENFPs. This doesn’t just draw ENFPs toward INTJs but also allows them to create balanced, harmonious relationships with them.

When an ENFP gets into a relationship with an INTJ, they no longer spend their nights trying to find someone to chat with. Instead, they stare at their INTJ loved one, admiring them and savoring their presence. And nothing can stop them, not even their partner telling them to get some rest!

Sometimes ENFPs can be attracted to someone just because they claim to be an INTJ. However, this personality type is very rare and private—most INTJs simply wouldn’t boast about being one of them.

For ENFPs, this can be a hard pill to swallow, as many of them crave to meet the INTJ man or woman of their dreams.

ENFPs Love Attention

Here’s a riddle: what’s one thing ENFPs need as much as oxygen? You guessed it—attention!

Whether they want to admit it or not, ENFPs simply can’t be happy without getting attention, especially from their partners. However, this doesn’t mean that they’re attention seekers (although they can be!). A lack of attention simply makes them feel unloved and unwanted.

While ENFPs thrive on attention, it doesn’t mean you need to dedicate your entire day to focusing on them. Quite the contrary—they’re more than satisfied with little displays of attention. Giving them a little compliment or sending them a song that made you think of them goes a long way!

ENFPs Need Alone Time

ENFPs are often called the most introverted extroverts out of the 16 personality types. Although they love being around people, they often have an urge to disappearfrom their social circles without saying a word.

So, don’t be confused if an ENFP you know doesn’t reply to your messages or pick up the phone—they simply gave in to the idea of spending some alone time!

The major difference between ENFPs and introverted types lies in how they act after disappearing for days. Most introverts will acknowledge their disappearance and likely apologize for it. Meanwhile, ENFPs will simply reply to you as if nothing ever happened!

Wondering what ENFPs do when they leave you on read for hours (or even days)?

The answer is simple: they’re spending time on their hobbies, projects, and other activities! When ENFPs find a new interest or become inspired, they can get hyper-focused and lose track of time.

That said, this personality type is notorious for losing enthusiasm quickly. So, just sit back and relax! The ENFP will appear in your life in a matter of days, if not hours, and will likely have a few interesting stories to tell.

While ENFPs love their alone time thanks to their introverted feeling (Fi), it doesn’t take long before they start feeling lonely. And we can’t judge them—they’re extroverts!

An ENFP just can’t be happy without having people to share their ideas and thoughts with. Because of this, they rarely spend more than a couple of days alone.

ENFPs Are Chaotic

No one can deny that ENFPs are curious and always up for adventure. Oftentimes, they don’t even care much about risks or dangers. They strongly believe that good things await them in the future and let this belief guide them through life!

ENFPs are known to be absent-minded, and many of them make to-do lists and use calendars to help organize their lives. However, most of them see this as more of a hobby than something practical.

So, the next time you see an ENFP creating a to-do list, don’t assume they’ll actually make use of it. More likely than not, they just wanted to test the glitter pens they'd bought on a whim!

ENFPs are skilled at many things: public speaking, active listening, telling jokes, you name it.

Time management?

Well, let’s just say they like to be fashionably late for any event or project—it’s just who they are!

Final Thoughts

And there you have it—30 ENFP memes that we’re sure you can’t help but relate to!

As you might be able to tell, ENFPs have a larger-than-life personality that simply can’t be compressed into a meme format. Still, we hope that these memes weren’t just funny but also helped you learn more about this captivating personality type!

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