21+ Amusing ESFJ Memes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

ESFJs—extroverted, sensing, feeling, and judging personalities—are highly energetic and conscientious individuals. Nothing brings them more joy than being an active part of their community. This might explain why ESFJ memes are far less common than those of most other personality types; they simply prefer to spend their time offline, engaging with people.

Nonetheless, exploring memes about the ESFJ (Consul) personality type is a fun way to learn more about these spirited individuals.

So, if you’re in the mood for funny ESFJ memes, look no further—this article is just what you’re looking for!

Key Takeaways

  • ESFP memes highlight the most prominent traits of the Consul personality, such as extroversion, willingness to help, and sensitivity.
  • Though ESFJs strive to create and maintain social harmony, the memes about them show that they have a weakness for drama and can assert themselves when necessary.
  • In memes, ESFPs are often depicted as caring, sensitive, and kind people who place other people’s needs above their own and would go to bat for their loved ones.

22 Hilarious & Jolly ESFJ Memes

If you’re keen to find out how the ESFJ personality type is portrayed in memes, here are some rib-tickling ones in which ESFJs might recognize themselves:

ESFJs Crave Social Contact

ESFJ Memes

If there’s one meme that pretty much encapsulates the entire essence of Consuls, it’s this one.

They’re no strangers to juggling multiple roles, and they can certainly relate to each of these characters, at least to some degree—especially to Hates Being Alone. It’s no coincidence this fictional character archetype is listed first—it’s the ESFJ’s most defining quality by far!

Funny ESFJ Memes

Credit: @ESFJDiaries

Although they’re extroverted, ESFJs can benefit from spending some time alone. It allows them to focus on their hobbies and interests. Not only that, but they often come up with ideas to improve their own and other people’s lives when they’re alone.

However, ESFJs don’t typically spend much time by themselves. No matter how much they enjoy their alone time, they can’t help but miss people’s company.

ESFJ Personality Type

It’s no secret that ESFJs possess a strong sense of duty and responsibility. As such, they take their jobs seriously and go above and beyond to meet and exceed expectations at work.

They’re the type of employees every business owner is looking for, with one caveat—they have a weakness for informal communication at work. So, it’s not uncommon for them to lose track of time when chatting with their colleagues!

ESFJs Are Helpful and Caring

ESFJs Are Helpful and Caring

Credit: @linnm1bti

ESFJs wouldn’t be ESFJs if they didn’t have a packed social calendar and a highly sought-after work ethic, but these aren’t the only things that define them.

Consuls also stand out from other personality types for their unconditional compassion and kindness. They are deeply attuned to other people’s feelings and emotions, so it’s no surprise that going out of their way to help others is second nature to them.


This ESFJ meme is not only funny but also educational; it depicts the main difference between dominant and inferior extraverted feeling (Fe) users. This function seeks social harmony above all else.

As the dominant ESFJ cognitive function, Fe is the driving force behind Consuls’ empathy. This, coupled with their desire for harmony, is why Consuls have the urge to help others and accommodate them.

By contrast, Fe is the inferior function of ISTPs and INTPs, so it could be considered their Achilles’ heel. No wonder they tend to feel awkward—to put it mildly—in situations that require them to tap into their empathy!

Funny MBI Memes

There’s no denying that ESFJs are great at giving advice. As you might’ve guessed from this meme, though, this doesn’t make them immune to emotional turmoil.

As sensitive as ESFJs are to the feelings of others, they’re often oblivious to those of their own. Not only that—too often, they identify with others to the point of absorbing their emotions. Sometimes, this can even make it tricky for them to distinguish between other people’s emotions and their own.

ESFJ Personality Type

ESFJs always see the best in people and are eager to help them in any possible way. Nonetheless, some people may never change, regardless of how much effort Consuls put into helping them fulfill their potential. Understandably, this can be a hard pill for them to swallow.

Funny ESFJ Meme

It’d be hard to find an ESFJ who has never been burned by their own expectations. Their pragmatic nature doesn’t always stop them from falling for someone’s potential. Unfortunately, this almost always sets them up for disappointment.

ESFJs Are Sensitive

sensitive esjfs

People-oriented and organized, ESFJs have a knack for planning and hosting social events. They don’t just throw parties spontaneously. As auxiliary introverted sensing (Si) users, they think through every detail to ensure the gathering is nothing short of perfect.

Although they’re very welcoming and do their best to make their guests feel comfortable, it’s best to refrain from voicing any complaints. Otherwise, you may witness the rare phenomenon of a not-so-kind ESFJ.

Amusing ESFJ Memes

Credit: @enfpenigmaticpixies

Though the Karen stereotype most closely resembles ESTJs, ESFJs can be no less intense than their thinking counterparts when provoked. While typically patient, Consuls are so sensitive to criticism that it sometimes causes them to completely lose their cool!

MBTI Memes

ESFJs don’t stay angry for too long. No matter how riled up they may be, they remain sensitive to other people’s feelings. Combined with their desire to maintain peace, this often causes them to avoid conflict.

Due to their non-confrontational nature, ESFJs avoid expressing their anger, even when they’re burning with rage. If they have to confront others, they tend to do this very gently; it’s also not uncommon for them to break into tears in such situations. After all, the last thing they want is to make others feel bad.

ESFJ Personality Type

Credit: @ESFJDiaries

Since they do their best to protect other people’s feelings, they often go through adversity without letting others know how it affects them.

As tough and resilient as they may seem, they can’t help but burst out crying when they think someone might be angry with them!

ESFJs Love Drama

16 personalities memes

Credit: C.S. Joseph

Though ESFJs might not want to admit it, drama is their guilty pleasure. This isn’t surprising, given that both male and female Consuls are genuinely interested in other people. Sometimes, though, this interest can turn into nosiness—they can’t help but be intrigued by the ups and downs of other people’s lives!

Funny ESFJ Memes

Although ESFJs don’t miss the chance to stick their noses into other people’s business, they rarely, if ever, meddle in their affairs. Rather than getting themselves directly involved, they prefer to stay on the sidelines, observe the situation, and get all the juicy gossip without creating any more drama.

ESFJ Personality Type

Credit: @linnmbti

This ESFJ meme sums up the typical moods of this personality type to a T. If they’re not showering others with love, they’re either observing, discussing, or reacting to drama!

ESFJs Are Prone to People-Pleasing

MBTI Memes

People-pleasing is one of the greatest weaknesses of ESFJs. They have an overwhelmingly strong need to please and accommodate others—even if it comes at their own expense.

Funny MBTI Memes

While some personality types do things mainly for themselves, for the greater good, or just because they can, ESFJs prioritize other people above everything else. All of their actions are aligned with their ultimate life goal of enriching the lives of those around them.

ESFJ Cognitive Functions

Since Fe is their dominant cognitive function, ESFJs have a hard time handling conflict and expressing negative feedback. Naturally, they’d never tell their hairstylist they didn’t like their haircut. Some of them might even come back for a second time just so they don’t hurt the hairstylist’s feelings!

ESFJ Memes

ESFJs can be considered social chameleons, as they tend to tailor their communication style, jokes, etc., to other people’s preferences and interests. Though turbulent Consuls are more likely to change their personality depending on who else is around them, even assertive ones can relate to this spot-on ESFJ-T meme.

ESFJs Can Be Forceful

Extroverted Personality Types

Credit: @mbti_as_things

ESFJs pride themselves on being thoughtful, selfless, and compassionate. However, they can be surprisingly demanding when they really want something—especially once they run out of patience.

Funny ESFJ Memes

Being strong Fe users, ESFJs are conscious of their image and embrace social norms, roles, and etiquette. In their eyes, nothing compares to the horror of embarrassing themselves in public.

Unsurprisingly, they tend to be adamant about instilling these social values into their children, regardless of how much they resist it!

ESfj Compatibility Memes

Credit: Bored Panda

ESFJs may not always stand up for themselves, but they always have their loved ones’ back. Needless to say, any introvert in a relationship with an ESFJ will be relieved to find out they’ll effectively handle uncomfortable social situations for them.

Final Thoughts

While we hope you found this article both fun and insightful, keep in mind that all personality type memes are based on stereotypes. As such, they don’t fully reveal the complexities of the Consul personality type.

Still, ESFJ memes draw attention to the most prominent traits others notice in Consuls, allowing us to better understand how people generally perceive them.

In particular, these memes emphasize the social, helpful, altruistic, and empathetic nature of ESFJs. No wonder they tend to be so well-liked!

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