29 Relatable INTP Anime Characters

People with the INTP personality type are known for their insatiable curiosity.

So, if you’re an INTP who loves anime, you’ve probably wondered how your personality type is represented in anime, and we’re here to answer this question!

In this article, we’ll share an extensive list of the best INTP anime characters of all time and analyze their personalities to learn more about fictional Architects. Let’s dig in!

4 Typical INTP Anime Characters

INTP Anime Characters

To start with, here are a few typical INTP anime characters you’re probably familiar with:

#1. L Lawliet (Death Note)

L is easily one of the most popular INTP anime characters. As a typical Architect, he looks calm and quiet, but his mind is nothing like that. Quite the contrary—as a dominant introverted thinking (Ti) user, he possesses strong analytical skills, so it’s only natural that his mind rarely rests.

Besides that, L is a creative problem-solver. Thanks to his auxiliary extraverted intuition (Ne), he can effortlessly analyze any issue from different angles and spot limitless opportunities.

#2. Kakashi Hatake (Naruto)

Let’s be fair—anyone who has seen at least one episode of Naruto featuring Kakashi can tell that he’s a typical INTP. This guy fits the Architect personality type to a T, as he’s independent, perceptive, and rather detached.

Although he’s a lone wolf, Kakashi realizes the value of teamwork after Obito’s “death,” which helps him develop his inferior cognitive function, extraverted feeling (Fe). As a result, Kakashi becomes more open to the idea of asking for help and helping others, believing that teamwork is the best way to achieve mutual goals.

#3. Killua Zoldyck (Hunter x Hunter)

Killua is famous for being a quick thinker, and while this may be the main reason he comes off as an INTP anime character, it certainly isn’t the only one.

Like most Architects, he struggles with emotional expression, but this isn’t to say that he’s cold-hearted. In fact, he’s shown to be an extremely loyal and selfless friend who spares no effort to protect those in his inner circle. However, while he’s caring toward those whom he trusts, he can also be disturbingly ruthless, killing people with no remorse.

#4. C.C. (Code Geass)

C.C. is mysterious, aloof, and independent to the point where she always solves her issues without anyone’s help. After all, she doesn’t let people into her emotional world easily, much like most real-life INTPs.

Architects are natural-born philosophers, and so is C.C. She analyzes the world, historical events, and other aspects of life to understand its meaning but is rather cynical due to her tough life experiences. Nonetheless, as a typical INTP, C.C. isn’t too attached to her opinions, which helps her see value in different viewpoints, including those of Lelouch, Suzako, and Mao.

6 Female INTP Anime Characters

Female INTP Anime Characters

Although the INTP personality type is more common among men in the real world, there are lots of outstanding female INTP anime characters besides the above-mentioned C.C., including:

#1. Nico Robin (One Piece)

As a typical INTP, Nico is reserved and curious at the same time. She often analyzes the world and its events and is genuinely interested in learning about the places she visits with other Straw Hat Pirates.

Since she’s not nearly as loud as the other crew members, Nico’s quietness makes her stand out from others. Not to mention, it hides an intriguing, gruesome, and strangely charming dark side that’s preoccupied with all things horror.

#2. Shiro (No Game No Life)

Shiro is the epitome of the female INTP. She has a brilliant mind and excellent chess skills but protects her emotions with a hundred locks. In other words, she’s as closed off as she is intelligent. Still, she has a distinctly dry sense of humor and can be rather sarcastic.

Luckily, Sora, Shiro’s ENFP brother, helps her navigate various emotional labyrinths. However, she relies on him so much that their dynamic closely resembles codependency—Shiro stops functioning normally even if they’re separated for just a minute.

#3. Lain Iwakura (Serial Experiments Lain)

Lain is a shy, introverted girl who struggles to connect with others and fit in with her peers. Still, she’s shown as a kind girl, even though she doesn’t make an effort to talk to others.

That said, most INTPs are more interested in the pursuit of knowledge than friendships, and Lain is no exception. Once she discovers The Wired, she becomes invested in exploring, analyzing, and researching it despite her initial skepticism.

#4. Rio Futaba (Seishun Buta Yarou)

Like most INTP anime characters, Rio is interested in science, such as quantum physics. She even hosts a science club to share her passion, even though it isn’t popular among her peers.

Her INTP nature becomes evident when we analyze her approach toward Adolescence Syndrome. At first, she is rather skeptical of it, but she doesn’t deny its existence and tries to see how it fits in with other scientific principles, which signifies the use of Ti. However, she only starts sincerely believing in it once she experiences the phenomenon firsthand.

#5. Yuki Nagato (Haruhi Suzumiya)

It isn’t difficult to see why Nagato is an INTP anime character. She finds it difficult to connect with other people’s emotions and express her feelings. While this is a result of her inhuman nature, it’s also a classic sign of inferior Fe. Unsurprisingly, she’s quiet and emotionally detached, preferring to stay silent whenever possible.

Nagato also has a rather monotone, stoic demeanor. She keeps not only her emotions but also her opinions to herself, and nothing ever seems to faze her.

#6. Maho Hiyajo (Steins;Gate)

Maho is an intelligent young woman who’s often mistaken for a child due to her appearance. Like most INTPs, she is rather disorganized, so her environment is often chaotic and messy.

Despite her intellectual abilities, Maho seems to lack self-confidence and suffer from imposter syndrome as a result of constantly comparing herself to Kurisu. However, thanks to her Ti-Ne functions, she’s a great troubleshooter and problem-solver who doesn’t give up until she finds the best solution to a problem.

7 Male INTP Anime Characters

Male INTP Anime Characters

Now that we’ve covered female characters, let’s check out some of the most popular male INTP anime characters:

#1. Toge Inumaki (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Despite his limited speech, Toge comes off as a mature INTP anime character. While he might seem cold and aloof, this isn’t exactly true: Toge doesn’t talk much because his ability, Cursed Speech, can hurt himself and others.

While his willingness to protect others shows that he’s in touch with his inferior Fe, his solution to this problem is based on his dominant Ti, auxiliary Ne,and tertiary introverted sensing (Si). Toge has come up with an ingenious, systematic, and effective method of expressing his thoughts: he only uses words that refer to onigiri ingredients!

#2. Angel Devil (Chainsaw Man)

Angel Devil is, without a doubt, one of the most intriguing and enigmatic INTP anime characters, as he’s half-angel and half-devil. Although he identifies more with his demon side, he isn’t aggressive toward humans.

It’s no secret that INTPs are lazy—their procrastination has inspired hundreds, if not thousands of memes. Similarly, Angel Devil does everything he can to avoid working. While it’s undeniable that he’s very lazy, he also seems to hate working because he wants to live peacefully and avoid harming others.

#3. Ranpo Edogawa (Bungou Stray Dogs)

Ranpo is a genius detective, so it’s not surprising that he heavily resembles an INTP. Even when he has little to no clues, he manages to correctly decipher any mystery thrown at him.

Other than that, like a typical INTP, Ranpo doesn’t care much about social values. He seems to develop his own logical understanding of the world. This explains why he isn’t concerned with what’s appropriate and not in the “adult world,” as adults and their way of living don’t make sense to him.

#4. Saiki Kusuo (The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.)

As a child, Saiki was quite mischievous and playful, often pulling pranks on his parents. However, once he became aware of his psychic powers, he became more reclusive and quiet, preferring to communicate via telepathy.

Like most INTP anime characters, Saiki doesn’t enjoy being the center of attention. Quite the contrary—he tries his best to avoid drawing attention to himself. Even though he has special abilities, he keeps them hidden and tries to live a normal life.

#5. Gintoki Sakata (Gintama)

Most skilled fighters in anime belong to sensing personality types, but this isn’t always the case. Gintoki, an INTP anime character and a powerful samurai, is a great example of an intuitive personality with strong physical abilities.

Gintoki often gives in to laziness. Since he mainly wants to hang out with his friends, it goes without saying that he doesn’t take life—or himself—too seriously. Still, when necessary, he can get his act together to attend to his responsibilities and help those in need.

#6. Noriaki Kakyoin (Jojo’s Bizzare Adventures)

INTPs are independent individuals who don’t like submitting to authority, bootlicking, and the like. Knowing this, there’s no doubt that Noriaki is an INTP anime character.

Besides his unwillingness to kiss up to people, Noriaki, like many inferior Fe users, finds it difficult to build friendships. He feels that no one will understand him, which prevents him from trying to connect with others. Also, he holds himself up to high standards, believing that he can only become friends with virtuous people.

#7. Senku Ishigami (Dr. Stone)

Senku, the protagonist of Dr. Stone, is a typical male INTP anime character. He loves science and technology and believes that they can save the human race. Although he’s blunt and very confident, Senku is also rather compassionate and doesn’t look down on people who aren’t as smart or knowledgeable as him.

Also, Senku believes that rules are meant to be broken. While sometimes he might come off as selfish or immoral, he works tirelessly to help people, even if it doesn’t seem so at first.

3 My Hero Academia INTP Anime Characters

INTP Personality types

My Hero Academia is a fan-favorite anime that features a handful of fictional INTPs, including:

#1. Tsuyu Asui (My Hero Academia)

As one of the calmest, most laid-back characters from My Hero Academia, Tsu keeps her cool in most situations and rarely shows her feelings. Like a typical INTP, she values logic and accuracy over emotions, which explains her bluntness.

However, Tsu also has a well-developed Fe cognitive function, so she tries to be aware of other people’s feelings and makes a conscious effort not to hurt them. Due to her compassion and level-headedness, she often becomes a source of emotional support for others during tough times.

#2. Tomura Shigaraki

Tomura is avery unhealthy INTP anime character. Due to his rough upbringing, he has trouble dealing with feelings, often acting like a spoiled child whenever he doesn’t get what he wants. Although he eventually learns to better control his emotions, unfortunately, he doesn’t grow out of his anger. His blatant disregard for human life makes him dangerous, to put it mildly.

However, despite his unhealthiness, it’s impossible to ignore his INTP nature: Tomura likes to collect and analyze information, gives general directions to his subordinates without creating detailed plans, and so on.

#3. Hitoshi Shinso

Hitoshi is an INTP through and through, as he uses deductive reasoning to develop a logical understanding of the world. As a logical and creative problem-solver, he quickly thinks of ways to force his opponents to talk to him so that he can activate his Brainwashing Quirk. Also, Hitoshi believes that others don’t understand him, which is a sentiment shared by many INTPs.

3 Attack on Titan INTP Anime Characters

Ever wondered if AoT features any INTP anime characters? You bet! Here are some of the most prominent ones:

#1. Zeke Yaeger

Zeke is an INTP anime character with strong leadership abilities. Logical, intelligent, and inquisitive, he’s a long-term strategist who cares about the future of humanity.

Nonetheless, since Zeke tends to cling to his beliefs too tightly and has a limited and narrow understanding of the world, it’s safe to say that he is a relatively unhealthy INTP. Oftentimes, he focuses on facts and logic to the extreme, completely disregarding his own and other people’s emotions.

#2. Pieck Finger

Pieck is an INTP anime character who displays well-developed Fe. She’s kind and compassionate, but she still values logic above all else, including emotions. She’s not only highly logical and analytical but also rather eccentric, which emphasizes her charm. For example, she’s known to be fond of walking on all fours.

Needless to say, although she’s very caring and understands people’s emotions quite well, she doesn’t care about social norms. After all, even well-developed Fe is still the inferior INTP cognitive function.

#3. Dot Pixis

As a laid-back INTP anime character, Pixis remains calm under pressure no matter what. This makes him a great leader since he knows how to calm soldiers down and shift their focus toward the goal.

Also, he’s an excellent strategist and decision-maker, as he makes sure to carefully analyze the situation and only takes calculated risks that help him get closer to his goal of saving humanity.

3 Tokyo Ghoul INTP Anime Characters

If Tokyo Ghoul is among your favorite anime series, here are some INTP anime characters you’ll definitely know:

#1. Eto Yoshimura

Like many ghouls, Eto has a complex personality that vastly differs from her human form. As a human, she’s laid-back, clumsy,and positive. Although she’s quite blunt, she’s generally nice and helpful.

However, as a ghoul, Eto is merciless. She kills people without any remorse. She also feels resentment toward her father for how he treated her in the past, which could be interpreted as unhealthy Si, and thus sees nothing wrong with using him to achieve her goals (Ti).

#2. Hairu Ihei

Hairu is a seasoned investigator who treats people as her equals regardless of their age. Like most INTPs, she’s rather humble and doesn’t seem to like the idea of following traditions, which might explain why she doesn’t care about strictly preserving hierarchy.

Since Hairu values logic more than feelings and emotions, it’s no surprise that she can be cold, especially in battle. While she isn’t violent by nature, when needed, she doesn’t hesitate to kill her enemies, often brutally.

#3. Chie Hori

Chie is perhaps the most typical INTP anime character from Tokyo Ghoul. Smart and curious, she’s a photographer and information broker who’d go to great lengths for a valuable picture or a piece of information (as long as it doesn’t pose a risk to her health). Like most INTP anime characters, she’s also quite eccentric and full of surprises.

3 Genshin Impact INTP Anime Characters

If you’re curious to learn about INTP anime characters in video games, check out these characters from Genshin Impact:

#1. Sucrose

Thanks to Ti, INTPs love researching various subjects, and so does Sucrose. Her passion is bioalchemy. She has dedicated her life to this science, hoping to change the world with the help of alchemy.

Nonetheless, her love of experiments and research comes at the expense of her social life, as she often struggles to connect with others on an emotional level. Still, she’s more than happy to discuss topics related to bioalchemy.

#2. Albedo

Like Sucrose, Albedo is big on researching different topics. Many INTPs will relate to him since he often loses interest once he gains substantial knowledge of a particular subject. Despite being a famous and respected alchemist, Albedo generally avoids social interactions and keeps his private life a secret from others.

#3. Sangonomiya Kokomi

Intelligent and insightful, Kokomi is an excellent example of a healthy INTP anime character. Kind and caring, she doesn’t hesitate to promote people since it makes logical sense to her—after all, that’s the best way to motivate others! Also, she’s a skilledwar strategist who always considers all possibilities before deciding on a specific path.

Final Thoughts

And that’s a wrap!

As you’ve probably noticed from our list of INTP anime characters, these characters are as diverse and complex as real-life Architects. Some of them are lazy, while others relentlessly pursue their passions; some are emotionally detached, whereas others try to make the world a better place, and so on.

That said, regardless of their differences, most fictional INTPs in anime are famous and loved for their exceptional intelligence, independence, and creative approach to problem-solving!

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