91+ INTP Famous People & Celebrities

INTPs, also known as Architects, are known for their introverted nature and intelligence.

It’s no secret that some of the brightest minds in history—including Albert Einstein, Immanuel Kant, and Charles Darwin—are thought to fall into the INTP personality type.

But have you ever wondered which popular celebrities are INTPs? If so, look no further!

In this article, we’ll share a mega list of famous INTP people and celebrities and discover what helps these deep thinkers make it big in various industries, from entertainment to politics.

35 Celebrities with INTP Personality Type

Despite their introversion, there is no shortage of male and female INTP celebrities. So, let’s see what helps them excel in the entertainment industry!

10 Famous INTP Actors and Actresses

Although INTPs are among the least emotionally expressive personality types, that doesn’t mean they can’t make it in the acting industry. Quite the contrary—they can and do make impressive actors!

Thanks to their dominant introverted thinking (Ti) function, INTP actors approach their craft like most things in life—from an analytical perspective. So, rather than empathizing with their characters, they seek to logically understand their motives, fears, desires, flaws, and so on. That's why sometimes they are also called "logicians".

Once they know their characters inside and out, INTPs often improvise and add a personal touch to their roles. Since they’re logical, you can bet it doesn’t result in plot holes or character inconsistencies. If you don’t believe it, look at Bill Murray—this famous INTP actor enriched most of his movies with improvisation, including Groundhog Day!

On that note, here are a few other "logician" celebrities actors and actresses who are thought to be INTPs:

Amanda Seyfried INTP famous people


  1. Amanda Seyfried: Mean Girls (2004), Jennifer’s Body (2009), Ted 2 (2015)
  2. Aubrey Plaza: Parks and Recreation (2009 - 2015), Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2010), Emily the Criminal (2022)
  3. Christopher Walken: Brainstorm (1983), True Romance (1993), The Funeral (1996)
  4. Creed Bratton: The Office (2005 - 2013), Terri (2011), Crazy Carl (2017)
  5. Diane Morgan: After Life (2019 - 2022), Death to 2021 (2021), Cunk on Earth (2022 -)
  6. Elliot Page: Hard Candy (2005), Juno (2007), Flatliners (2017)
  7. Jesse Eisenberg: Zombieland (2009), The Social Network (2010), Now You See Me (2013)
  8. Rowan Atkinson: Mr. Bean (1990 - 1995), Johnny English (2003), Man vs. Bee (2022 -)
  9. Tina Fey: Baby Mama (2008), Date Night (2010), Admission (2013)

10 Famous INTP Musicians

Thanks to their auxiliary extraverted intuition (Ne), INTP musicians typically enjoy playing around with different sounds, breaking the rules of songwriting, and similar. Oftentimes, their music has an avant-garde air, as they effortlessly fuse seemingly incompatible genres into sonic masterpieces.

INTP musicians usually explore the capabilities of technology and push the limits of different genres and instruments. Since fame isn’t their top priority, it’s not unusual for them to stay relatively unknown despite influencing other acts and even pioneering new subgenres.

A great example of this is Black Francis, the frontman of the rock band Pixies. Although their music influenced the likes of Nirvana and Radiohead, Pixies never came close to achieving such commercial success.

So, if you love experimental music, you might want to give these famous INTP musicians a listen:

INTP famous people

Credit: IMDb

  1. Aphex Twin, Irish-British DJ known for experimenting with different genres of electronic music, including intelligent dance music
  2. Bones, American rapper and founder of TeamSESH who was among the first trap metal and emo rap artists
  3. David Byrne, Scottish-American singer, musician, writer, film director, and frontman of the art rock band Talking Heads
  4. Ghostemane, American musician and singer known for combining heavy metal, industrial, hip-hop, and other genre elements
  5. Jin, South Korean singer and member of BTS
  6. Kevin Shields, American-Irish singer-songwriter, musician, producer, and frontman of the rock band My Bloody Valentine that pioneered the shoegaze subgenre
  7. Lou Reed, American musician, poet, and frontman of the experimental rock band The Velvet Underground
  8. M.I.A., English rapper famous for merging elements of different genres, from alternative to world music
  9. Matthew Bellamy, English vocalist, producer, and frontman of the alternative rock band Muse

15 Other INTP Celebrities

People with the INTP personality type are highly creative, which opens doors for them to pursue various careers in the entertainment field. They’re also known to possess a dry sense of humor that not only makes them charming but also helps them handle stressful situations, including being in the public eye.

With that in mind, here are some other INTP celebrities that deserve special mention:

Bo Burnham personality type

Credit: Getty Images

  1. Bo Burnham, American comedian, film director, musician, and actor
  2. Charles White Jr. (Cr1TiKaL), American commentary YouTuber and musician
  3. Dan Harmon, American producer, writer, and actor
  4. David Cronenberg, Canadian filmmaker and screenwriter who pioneered the body horror genre
  5. David Mitchel, British comedian, TV personality, writer, and actor
  6. Drew Gooden, American commentary YouTuber
  7. Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie), Swedish YouTuber
  8. Gaspar Noé, Argentine filmmaker
  9. Joana Ceddia, Brazilian-Canadian former YouTuber, competitive swimmer, and runner
  10. Larry David, American comedian, producer, writer, actor, and co-creator of the sitcom Seinfeld
  11. Norm Macdonald, Canadian stand-up comedian
  12. Richard Ayoade, British filmmaker, comedian, and actor
  13. Steven Wright, American stand-up comedian, film producer, and actor
  14. TJ Kirk (The Amazing Atheist), American YouTuber known for commenting on and criticizing religion, politics, and social issues
  15. Toby Smith (Tubbo), Twitch streamer and musician

10 Famous INTP Scientists

If you know anything about INTPs, you won’t be surprised to learn that science is among the most suitable career paths for INTPs.

INTPs are analytical and perceptive, which helps them understand complex data and notice patterns that others might miss. Their inquisitive minds relentlessly seek answers and search for the truth. Coupled with their love of exploring theoretical possibilities, their curiosity helps them make groundbreaking discoveries and inventions and pave the way for progress and innovation.

So, let’s see some examples of famous INTP people in the science field:

INTP famous people

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

  1. Alan Turing, English mathematician, philosopher, logician, and computer scientist
  2. Albert Einstein, German theoretical physicist who developed the theory of relativity
  3. Alexander Fleming, Scottish microbiologist and physician who discovered penicillin
  4. Avicenna, Persian physician, philosopher, and astronomer known as the “father of early modern medicine”
  5. Blaise Pascal, French mathematician, inventor, physicist, and philosopher
  6. Charles Darwin, English evolutionary biologist, geologist, and naturalist
  7. Euclid, ancient Greek mathematician known as the “father of geometry”
  8. Galileo Galilei, Italian astronomer, philosopher, physicist, mathematician, and engineer
  9. Margaret Hamilton, American computer scientist, engineer, and businesswoman
  10. Marie Curie, Polish chemist and physicist who pioneered radioactivity research, widely known for being the first woman to win a Noble prize

10 Famous INTP Philosophers

Thanks to Ti and Ne—the strongest INTP cognitive functions—people with this personality type are natural-born philosophers. They spend much of their time deep in thought, analyzing the world around them to develop a logical and coherent understanding of it.

Although INTPs are original thinkers, they’re also excellent at analyzing other people’s ideas and spotting inconsistencies in them. Their critical thinking skills help them not only deconstruct different perspectives but also develop new philosophical theories.

Since they’re rather insightful, it’s no surprise that there are quite a few famous INTP philosophers, including:

Democritus personality type

Credit: Los Angeles County Museum of Art,www.lacma.org

  1. Democritus, ancient Greek philosopher who founded the ancient theory of atomism alongside Leucippus
  2. Émile Durkheim, French sociologist known as the “father of modern sociology”
  3. Friedrich Engels, German philosopher, political activist, political theorist, revolutionary socialist, and historian
  4. Gilles Deleuze, French philosopher famous for writing about and expanding the theories of other philosophers
  5. Hannah Arendt, German political philosopher and political theorist
  6. Immanuel Kant, German Enlightenment philosopher
  7. Jean Baudrillard, French philosopher and sociologist best known for developing the concept of hyperreality
  8. John Locke, English Enlightenment philosopher referred to as the “father of liberalism”
  9. Max Weber, German social theorist, political economist, and historian
  10. René Descartes, French philosopher and scientist

10 Famous INTP Authors

Since INTPs are deep and creative thinkers, they often see writing as a great way to express and explore their thoughts and ideas. Although they’re rational, their vivid imagination allows them to create complex fantasy worlds and entire universes. Thanks to their unconventional ideas and logic, these writers easily succeed in developing absorbing and cohesive storylines.

Generally speaking, famous INTP writers tend to merge elements of fantasy, philosophy, and realism in their literary works. Some of the most prominent examples of such writers and their works include:

INTP famous people

Credit: wonderfulmind.net

  1. Carlos Castaneda: “The Teachings Of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge” (1968), “The Art of Dreaming” (1993), “Magical Passes” (1997)
  2. George R. R. Martin: “The Ice Dragon” (1980), “A Song of Ice and Fire” (1996), “Fire & Blood” (2018)
  3. H.P. Lovecraft: “Dagon” (1919), “The Outsider” (1926), “The Call of Cthulhu” (1928)
  4. Honoré de Balzac: “Gobseck” (1830), “The Magic Skin” (1831), “Père Goriot” (1835)
  5. Jules Verne: “Journey to the Center of the Earth” (1864), “Around the World in Eighty Days” (1872), “The Mysterious Island” (1875)
  6. Lewis Carroll: “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” (1865), “Jabberwocky” (1871), “The Hunting of the Snark” (1876)
  7. Mikhail Bulgakov: “Heart of a Dog” (1925), “Morphine” (1926), “The Master and Margarita” (1967)
  8. Stephen King: “Carrie” (1974), “The Shining” (1977), “It” (1986)
  9. Thomas Mann: “Buddenbrooks” (1901), “Death in Venice” (1912), “The Magic Mountain” (1924)

7 Famous INTP Political Figures

INTPs are laid-back individuals who are more focused on theoretical ideas than their practical application. As such, they are rarely drawn to politics. Not only that—usually, they don’t feel comfortable with public speaking and networking, which are fundamental to building successful political campaigns.

That said, INTPs have strong problem-solving and critical thinking skills. More than any other personality type, they manage to remain objective in virtually all situations. So, although politics may not be the most natural career match for INTPs, some of them do excel as politicians thanks to these qualities. Here are some famous INTP politicians you might know:

Famous INTP Political Figures

Credit: Mathew Brady

  1. Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States
  2. Edward Snowden, American-Russian former consultant known for leaking National Security Agency’s classified documents
  3. James Madison, the 4th president of the United States
  4. John Tyler, the 10th president of the United States
  5. Liz Truss, British politician who briefly served as the prime minister of the United Kingdom
  6. Ron Paul, American former politician, author, and activist
  7. Sergey Lavrov, Russian politician serving as the Foreign Minister of Russia

10 Famous INTP People in Business

Although business seems to be the natural realm for ENTJs and ENTPs, it isn’t uncommon for INTPs to also possess an entrepreneurial spirit. Fond of innovation and technology, INTPs usually come up with progressive business ideas that fill in market gaps. A great example of this is Google, which was founded by two famous INTPs—Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Interestingly, Microsoft is another extremely successful company that has two INTP co-founders—Bill Gates and Paul Allen. This might suggest that INTPs are more likely to achieve success as entrepreneurs when they collaborate with other like-minded people. After all, two heads are better than one, especially when both of them are equipped with brilliant minds!

Now, let’s check out some other famous INTP people in business and technology:

INTP personality Alex Becker

Credit: Alex Becker’s YouTube channel

  1. Alex Becker, American internet entrepreneur
  2. André Citroën, French industrialist and founder of Citroën
  3. Hiroyuki Nishimura, Japanese internet entrepreneur, author, and TV personality
  4. Jimmy Wales, American-British internet entrepreneur and co-founder of Wikipedia
  5. Tony Hsieh, American internet entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and former Zappos CEO
  6. Vitalik Buterin, Russian-Canadian computer programmer who founded Ethereum

10 Famous INTP Athletes

In personality typology, sports are often associated with extraverted sensing (Se), a cognitive function that focuses on physical sensations and the present moment. Since INTPs lead with Ti—pretty much the antithesis of Se—it’s not surprising that they’re rarely interested in sports.

That said, there’s one exception to this rule: chess. Since this strategic game heavily relies on logic, many INTPs excel at it, and some even earn the title of grandmaster. Also, INTPs might be drawn to team sports that engage their strategic planning and problem-solving skills, such as football.

So, here are some of the most prominent INTPs in sports:

Famous INTP athletes

Credit: Maria Emelianova/Chess.com

  1. Anish Giri, Russian-Dutch chess grandmaster
  2. Daniel Naroditsky, American chess grandmaster and author
  3. Daniil Dubov, Russian chess grandmaster
  4. Fabiano Caruana, Italian-American chess grandmaster
  5. Gustavo Scarpa, Brazilian professional football player
  6. Kevin De Bruyne, Belgian professional football player
  7. Manuel Pellegrini, Chilean football manager
  8. Ryan Hall, American mixed martial artist
  9. Tigran Petrosian, Armenian chess grandmaster
  10. Tim Duncan, American former basketball player

Pro tip: See how these INTP Anime Characters can relate to famous people!

Key Takeaways

And that’s a wrap!

As you can tell from our analysis of famous INTP people, Architects don’t always avoid the spotlight, even though they tend to be rather shy and withdrawn.

Although there are some fields INTPs aren’t naturally drawn to, such as politics and sports, they are gifted with many noteworthy characteristics—from analytical thinking to creativity and beyond—that help them gain recognition and succeed in virtually any endeavor!

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